Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman, Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Urban ecology, green infrastructure, biogeochemistry, ecosystem services, social-ecological systems


Current Lab Members

Graduate Students

DSCN4628 - Version 2
Tuana Phillips, MS Candidate, Environmental Science and Technology, University of Maryland
My interests are in ecosystem services of green infrastructure, urban ecohydrology, biogeochemistry, and watershed management.  I am working on measuring elements of water balance for urban forest patches in Baltimore and Montgomery County, MD to assess how urban tree canopy can reduce stormwater runoff.
Rahat Sharif, PhD Candidate, Environmental Science and Technology, University of Maryland
Rahat is interested in the connections between the design and function for multifunctionality  and ecosystem services of green infrastructure.  She is exploring differences between concepts, goals, and practice among landscape architects, engineers, and planners, and how different green infrastructure installations process C and N due to differences in design and goals.

 Isaac Hametz, PhD Candidate, Environmental Science and Technology, University of Maryland

I am interested in the connection between landscape design and ecological function, specifically how designed experiments can inform and lead to ecological and social outcomes of design. I am working on projects that assess management choices in designed experiments in Baltimore, MDnd their outcomes for ecosystem service provision, including park-grass management, and design of dredge soils for the Baltimore Harbor. I am also a Landscape Designer and Research Director at Mahan Rykiel Associates in Baltimore.

Emily Keener, MS Candidate, Environmental Science and Technology, University of Maryland

My interests are in urban soil ecology and hydrology, ecosystem services, and environmental justice. I am working on evaluating the impact of soil amendment practices on soil quality properties that best support urban tree growth in vacant lots in Baltimore, MD.


Hannah Boone, MS Candidate, Environmental Science and Technology, University of Maryland

Hannah is interested in the nexus of ecosystem health and natural resource management with a focus on ecological restoration. She is working on a project to improve regional outreach and outcomes of riparian forest buffers in the Chesapeake watershed, looking at outreach methods that improve landowner adoption of natural filters practices alongside an evaluation of the ecological outcomes of those restored buffers


Visiting Scholars
Haoliang Lu, Associate Professor, College of the Environment and Ecology, Xiamen University.
Pollution ecology, rhizosphere ecology, environmental biology

Lab Alumni



Emma Giese, MS Candidate, Environmental Science and Technology, University of Maryland

Thesis topic: Stormwater BMP climate resilience in the Anacostia Watershed
I am calibrating the USDA Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) to local conditions in the Breewood catchment (within the Anacostia Watershed) using stream monitoring data and stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) data. I will then use the calibrated SWAT model to evaluate how resilient BMP implementation is to changing climate conditions.




Darin Kopp, PhD candidate in Watershed Management and Ecohydrology, currently graduate student at ASU

Knerl, Angela


Angela Knerl – MS in Watershed Management and Ecohydrology – Thesis: Conceptual modeling and quantification of green infrastructure in drylands for the improvement and design of ecosystem services– currently research technician with US-EPA


Hough, Moira


Moira Hough – MS in Watershed Management & Ecohydrology – Thesis: Tracing environmental change from plant traits to social-ecological systems on the San Pedro River – currently PhD student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona


David Chan – MS in Watershed Management and Ecohydrology – Thesis: Using ecosystem services to understand the impact of land cover change: a case study of the upper San Pedro watershed – currently GIS technician for
Kentucky DEQ

Former Undergraduate Researchers

Chelsea Stern, REU from SUNY-ESF

Rafael Chávez, REU from Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara

Ben Bossler, Honors Students from University of Arizona

Catie DeMets, REU from Lawrence University

Sophia Liu, REU from Wellesley College

Melissa McKinley, REU from Northern Arizona University

Sara Kovachich, REU from University of Florida

Genna Gallas, Honors Student from University of Arizona

Christine Sookhdeo, REU from RIder University


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