Urban and Built Environment Ecology Lab

The Pavao-Zuckerman lab focus on understanding how humans interact with their environmentRincon heights basin and affect ecological processes. Our research program is primarily directed at understanding the drivers and controls on urban ecosystem function, and the implications of this for the management and provision of ecosystem services. A large part of this research program focuses on the ecological performance of designed elements of the built environment and green infrastructure in cities, and how this is particular to arid environments. This research draws on a resilience perspective to integrate ecological and social sciences to understand how decision making affects the sustainability of social-ecological systems. Ultimately these data provide an assessment of ecosystem health and the provision of ecosystem services, indicating how cities and environments respond to decision making, planning, design, and global change.


Welcome to lab to Dania Khan!  Dania is a student in the 2021 AGNR Summer Opportunities In Agriculture and Environment (SOARE) and REEU (Research and Extension Experiences for Undergraduates) Programs. She is joining us from Perdue University!

Welcome to the lab to Elad Shdaimah and Mairead Whitford Jones!  They’ve both been accepted into the ENST 4+1 BS/MS program!

Mitch was accepted into the Water Environment Federation‘s 2021 Water Leadership Institute!

Congrats to Sarah Ponte – she was selected for a Global STEWARDS Traineeship with an NSF-NRT Program at UMD!

Congrats to Matthew Wilfong and Sarah Ponte who were both awarded a summer research fellowship from the UMD Graduate School for 2020!

Congrats to Leila Mosleh – she was awarded a Babbitt Dissertation Fellowship from the Lincoln Land Institute Center for Land and Water Policy and a Wiley Dissertation Fellowship from the UMD Graduate College!

Congrats to Rahat Sharif – she was selected for a Global STEWARDS Traineeship with an NSF-NRT Program at UMD!

Mitch and Emma Giese were part of the UMD team that won first place in the EPA Campus Rainworms Challenge!  The student design project reimagined a 5-acre parking lot retrofit to integrate storm water management, solar energy production, and climate adaptation.

Emma Giese was awarded a Dean’s Fellowship by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources – congrats Emma!

Mitch was interviewed by Wired magazine for an article about sustainability and water conservation trends in landscape design and architecture.

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